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Giving Respect to Cortez’s Star Fish Company–and Authentic Florida

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No one likes to say “I told you so…”…but truthfully, we do like to say it.

Crab seen on Bradenton Beach recently, not far from Cortez and Star Fish Company.

And Florida Culture is here to say “I told you so…” after one of our first entries wrote about the authentic charm of tiny Cortez, Florida, and its Star Fish Company, an on-the-water seafood restaurant. Your food comes to you fresh and piping hot in boxes. You pay at a counter and eat at wooden tables while enjoying a bay view. If you’re lucky, you’ll see fishermen making catches for the day’s menu.

Unusual jellyfish seen on Bradenton Beach recently, not far from Cortez and Star Fish Company.

Travel and Leisure Magazine included Star Fish on its October 2012 list of Best Seafood Restaurants in the U.S., along with a number of places that span the states and range from ultra-casual (like Star Fish) to upscale. Number one on the list is GT Fish & Oyster in Chicago.

The spotlight on Star Fish comes just as nearby Anna Maria Island will host Oct. 17-19 a Sustainable & Authentic Florida Conference for three days. Attendees will discuss how sustainable and authentic places in the Sunshine State (much like the places we try to write about here on the Florida Culture blog) can attract more investors and visitors. The conference will include a Florida fish fry buffet at Star Fish as well as a walking tour of Cortez and nearby A.P. Bell Seafood Company.


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October 16, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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  1. You told me so . . . and you were right! 🙂

    Pat Phillips

    October 16, 2012 at 4:56 pm

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